The World’s Most Durable Columbaria

With Patented Aluminum Internal Security Doors


Serene Resting Places

Exquisitely Faced with Stone
Granite, Marble, Rock or Glass

Saginaw, Michigan


Maximize Land Availability

With Custom-Designed
Columbaria Gardens

Burlington, Ontario


5052 Marine Grade Aluminum

Weather, Temperature, Seismic & Humidity Proof

Kelowna, British Columbia


A Zero-Maintenance Columbaria

An Improved Return on Investment

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Innovative Designs

For Cemeteries, Churches, Religious
Communities & private organizations

San Pablo, California

Inventor of the World’sMost Durable Columbarium

Columbarium Niches Built to Preserve, Protect and Defend

35,000+ Columbarium Niches installed since 1999.

KMI Columbaria is the leading supplier of custom-designed and engineered aluminum columbarium niches within the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Our columbarium are exquisitely designed to add lifetimes of value to cemeteries, churches, universities and private organizations in North America.

Building on Innovation

KMI is the pioneer of the only maintenance-free columbarium system available today. As the trusted designer and installer of the world’s most durable columbarium, KMI works directly with funeral homes, cemeteries, churches and religious organizations to:

  • Provide an enhanced return on investment.
  • Service the growing demand for cremation inurnment options with a superior offering.
  • Provide custom design services to make efficient use of current land availability and plan for anticipated land shortages.
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance expenses.

Getting Started

If you are ready to see how the KMI Columbaria system can easily fit within your available space and existing architecture, while providing an above average rate of return, we invite you to contact us online or telephone us toll-free at 866.562.4744.

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