Pet Columbaria

Pet Columbaria
Pet Columbaria

Columbarium for pets is a growing market. Pet owners treat their pets as children, so when a loss happens it affects them deeply. A great deal of love and attention is lavished on pets during their lives, so why not recognize the importance of their death as well.

A columbarium can be placed in a dog or cat park and help to provide funds for park beautification and maintenance. It gives the owners a place to remember the pet that just happens to be one of their pets past favorite places! The pet owner now has a special place to mourn and remember.

Columbaria for pets come in all shapes and sizes. A common misconception is that the niches should be smaller. Our belief is that many families own several pets over the years and it’s a better option for the niche to be large enough to fit one or more of the cremated remains.

Pet columbaria can be built to fit with the surroundings. Some pet columbaria are in or next to existing human cemeteries. The placement depends on the local law.

Pet columbaria can be personalized in the same way as human columbaria.

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