granite columbarium garden

KMI has been engineering, designing and installing niches since 1999. We have designed and installed over 30,000 niches across North America.

The beauty, elegance and durability of classic stone – combined with a patented advanced engineered structural system allows for low maintenance costs and lasting value.

A KMI Columbarium has two equally important components.

1. An Engineered Aluminum Structure.

Aluminum Niche structures engineered for durability

KMI uses a Commercial 5052 grade aluminum internal structure. Think of it as the ‘bones’ of the unit. These ‘bones’ are the foundation of the strength of the KMI Columbarium. Engineered to support 1700 pounds per square foot, it can easily hold the weight of not only its’ own granite roof but also any statue or decorative piece that you would like to mount on top of it.

Engineered for modular columbarium design

This patented technology is based on modularization, which allows for high quality customization. Focused on appearance, longevity, security, and ease of operation and providing a clean and dry niche environment for the long term, the KMI engineered aluminum structure takes up less space than one using stone for its foundation. That means we can optimize the number of revenue producing niches in the same physical space.

Personalized design – we can create a KMI structure in almost any configuration you can imagine, (view our Galleries of unique designs) That means there is almost no limit to your creativity. Let our design team work with you to fulfill your vision.

2. Quality Facings and Doors – Granite or Other Finishes

customizable niche facingsAlthough granite is rock and very strong it is also very fragile at the same time. Granite can be fractured with a solid blow from a machine such as a lawn tractor, vehicle or even a person. Our marine grade aluminum structure and patented solid door system enhance the strength of the granite to give it even more durability. The granite is fastened using metal fasteners where possible so glues and adhesives are kept to a minimum.

We hope you never break a piece of granite but if you do it nice to know that the integrity and security of your columbarium will not be affected and you can easily replace a piece of damaged granite.

KMI Columbaria are approved for installation in earthquake zones. The dual stage construction allows KMI Columbarium to be installed safely in areas with high seismic activity.

Engineered to accommodate Brick and Masonry facingsOther Finishes – Granite may not work for everyone’s design, tastes or geography. Because our structure does not require the facings for strength or support, clients can choose other types of materials, in the past we have used brick, fieldstone, marble and even wood.

Choosing a columbarium does not have to be a daunting task, our design team can work with you to create a columbarium that integrates your esthetics, location and community needs.


The KMI Advantages

KMI Design Team

modularized engineered aluminum structuresA KMI Columbarium structure easily integrates into landscape architects or contractor designs.

Communities, churches, families and individual clients seem to share a common characteristic, to express a unique identity. KMI prides itself in providing an innovative modular system to capture that expression.

At KMI, we design, manufacture, and install columbaria from coast-to-coast in Canada and the USA. Our focus is on creating a quality product and providing outstanding service including collaborating with our clients and the professionals they employ to develop unique structural and visual designs that reflect the community needs, history and values.

Virtually Maintenance Free

A KMI columbarium is built totally from non-deteriorating materials – no concrete, concrete materials, structural glues or resins, plastics or corrosive material. Whatever the climate and weather our product minimizes maintenance costs. Savings over time can be directed to other important programs and expenses.

Circular columbarium - Kamloops BCWhen you choose a Columbarium you should be thinking 50 or 100 years from now. We design our units to last that long and longer. And we have the 25-year KMI guarantee to back that up.

Niche Size

Our aluminum structure provides 40% more interior space than columbaria that use granite or concrete as the interior walls of the niches. This allows our niches to accommodate larger urn sizes. Our standard niche size of 12” X 12” X 12” accommodates 2 urns and is the most cost effective configuration, however KMI offers customizable sizes to suit individual niches requirements.


patented tamper proof aluminum security doorsAs inventors of the all-aluminum niche system our security door is a patented tamper proof design to protect against unauthorized access to urns. Each niche has an individual powder-coated aluminum security door, which backs the decorative granite to protect against breakage. It is held in place by an aluminum slot bracket and fastened with a tamper proof stainless steel security screw.

Ease of Use

Although the KMI Columbarium doors are secure an authorized person with the right security tools and knowledge can access the units. That means that a niche can be opened any time of the year. Changing weather conditions are a fact of life, in all parts of North America. Funeral services don’t have to wait for spring. In addition each niche has its own unique granite face that can be easily removed and replaced.

All weather construction and accessibilityProtection of Personal Remains against Weather and Insects

KMI’s Moisture Dissipation System ensures that KMI niches are dust and insect resistant. This technology provides a continuously clean and dry environment, designed to prevent moisture accumulation that leads to mould and decay. It also prevents insects from entering a niche and building nests. A rubberized floor mat on the bottom of the unit prevents scratching of the units or the urn.

World Class Durability + Elegant Beauty + Service = Lasting Value