Columbaria for San Carlos Monterey Cemetery

Monterey, California dates its origins back to 1602 and the establishment of the Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo in 1770. Monterey’s early Spanish architecture is well-maintained and visible, making the city a unique historical site. The significance of San Carlos Cathedral cannot be overstated. It is the oldest continuously functioning church and the first stone building in the State of California. It is California’s first cathedral and represents the birth of Monterey, the first capital of California.

The KMI Columbaria Aluminum Security Door

We learn how the patented aluminum security door works and how this special technology has made KMI Columbaria the manufacturer of the most durable columbarium. Harry Steinwand, inventor of the highly successful aluminum security door talks about the technology behind this maintenance-free columbarium system and how this incredible technology allows for a safe, clean environment for loved one's ashes.

What Interested You About Manufacturing Columbaria?

In our short interview with inventor and founder of KMI Columbaria, we ask Harry Steinwand the very important question of what led him to becoming interesting in starting a business in manufacturing columbaria. We also learn about why KMI Columbaria has become a very successful manufacturer and has grown to become a company that has been able to fill the needs of the community like no other company before them.

Community Response to the First Aluminum Columbaria

We discover how the community and other businesses responded to KMI Columbaria's new aluminum manufacturing system for columbarium.

Harry Steinwand Interview – Using Aluminum in Manufacturing Columbaria

In our short interview with KMI Columbaria Inventor, Harry Steinwand, we learn about the process and benefits of using aluminum in manufacturing clean, safe, and secure columbaria. Watch our video and learn from the pioneer of the only maintenance-free columbarium system.