Trinity Lutheran Church has served the Houston community since 1879. The church, also known as Trinity Lutheran Downtown, includes a church, school, and cemetery. The cemetery is on 1.3 acres of land near the church in downtown Houston. When Faye Faszholz, a church member who serves on the Cemetery Committee and the church grounds Facilities Committee, visited a cemetery in Oklahoma that had a columbarium, she was inspired and began to research the idea of installing columbaria at Trinity.

Columbaria are a great option for churches and cemeteries in constrained urban areas because they provide more space at less cost than traditional cemetery plots. Faye needed a custom design for this historical treasure in the heart of Houston, one that would allow Trinity to continue serving their community’s burial needs despite the growth of the city around them. KMI gave Faye detailed plans of what the two custom columbaria would look like before installation, and made sure that planners knew how long it would take for the foundation to be laid, poured, and dried before the columbaria could be installed. Faye said, “Wendy always had time for me.”

KMI installed the two columbaria at Trinity Downtown in early December, 2014. The installation process was very tricky – KMI had to maneuver a crane into a very tight space because of the location. Many competitors would not have been able to perform a job with this type of limited access.

KMI also provided Trinity with information on how to sell the niches to the community. They have already sold 15 niches, and the church is considering adding a third columbarium to their location.

Faye says she is very satisfied with the experience of working with KMI Columbaria, “I cannot say enough about that company!”