Hardy Doric designed Columbarium Garden

About 25 years ago, Jeffrey Hardy began to notice an important change in how the world viewed cremation. In 1990 around 20% of the US population preferred cremation, but changes in religious acceptance, cost, environmental concerns and geography began to quickly alter many family’s preferences. Jeffrey knew that these social trends would create dramatic changes in the services that funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories provide. Over the next 25 years the number of cremations grew at about 1.64% per year and the need for columbarium products expanded with the demand.

Jeffrey was quick to add columbarium products and services to Hardy Doric Inc, which provides products and services for traditional burials as well as cremation burials, but he was also concerned about the quality and flexibility of the materials used in early manufacturing. Over the ensuing years many materials were used in the manufacturing of columbaria, but the need for a perfect columbarium and niche remained. In early 2000, KMI Columbaria started working with marine grade aluminum internal structures (niches) that were weather, temperature, seismic and humidity proof. At a trade show in San Francisco Jeffrey’s business, Hardy Doric, was placed next to the booth for KMI Columbaria and the resulting discussion changed how Hardy Doric approached the supply and support of columbaria across the north eastern United States.

According to Jeffrey, the materials used by KMI Columbaria and the precise manufacturing techniques allow cemeteries and churches to specify unique design goals and constraints that previously would have either been impossible or price prohibitive. Using KMI Columbaria products, Hardy Doric has provided installations varying from beautiful cross shaped outdoor structures to narrow elevated indoor designs focused on capturing the nuances of natural light.

Hardy Doric is not only involved with the design and quality of the installation, but also with the long term value of the columbaria and the service that it provides the community. Jeffrey takes great pride in creating installations that support the community’s need to have a sacred space for families to visit their loved ones and have a moment of peace.