About KMI Columbaria

“Specialists in columbaria since 1999”

KMI Columbaria has many, many satisfied customers – see our testimonials. We pride ourselves on providing top quality work and in-depth collaboration with our customers to help them create the perfect design.  The up-front design work is the most critical part of the project, modifications and site changes can be difficult if you don’t get this part right first.

Our columbaria can be installed in as little as 60 to 90 days of ordering, at a fair price with exceptional service. Our design team and dealer network can help you create a Cremation Memorial Garden that will be the pride of your community..

We are committed to help you serve the families that you serve.

We care about the families you serve. We want you to know that when you buy a columbarium from KMI, you are buying peace of mind knowing that this is the highest quality columbarium on the market. Engineered to withstand any environmental conditions, beautiful, easy to use and maintenance free.


  • that your families are proud and happy to have their loved ones interned in our columbaria.
  • that our niches (the compartments that holds the urns) are secure and will withstand forced entry, that’s why we have a patented security door
  • that bees and other insects can’t get into our niches and make nests. We don’t want you to have a surprise like that!
  • that the contents in the niche remain the same as the day that they were placed. We engineer our columbaria with a moisture dissipation system that lets the niche breath so that the contents don’t deteriorate and decay due to the elements.
  • about the safety of the remains. That’s why we use security screws to lock the security doors.

KMI provides full service to cemeteries, funeral homes/mortuaries, municipalities and church organizations from design to installation as well as assistance to promote your new structure.

Together, we are committed to quality, integrity and innovation, providing you and the families you serve with engineered Columbaria built to stand the test of time.

With expertise covering all areas of the “Death Care Industry” KMI knows your business. From cemetery management to funeral directing, KMI has the knowledge to understand your business and work with you in the language of your industry.

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