Interview with Jeffrey Hardy from Hardy Doric Inc.

About 25 years ago, Jeffrey Hardy began to notice an important change in how the world viewed cremation. In 1990 around 20% of the US population preferred cremation, but changes in religious acceptance, cost, environmental concerns and geography began to quickly alter many family's preferences. Jeffrey knew that these social trends would create dramatic changes in the services that funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories provide. Over the next 25 years the number of cremations grew at about 1.64% per year and the need for columbarium products expanded with the demand.

Tribute to Community Heritage and History

During much of the 20th century the Western Canadian prairie was dominated by fields of grain, criss-crossed by train tracks, and punctuated by tall grain elevators that loaded wheat, barley and oats onto waiting railroad cars. These “prairie skyscrapers,”, emblazoned with the name of the local town, became an iconic symbol of the farming communities that prospered in the prairies until the era of the automobile.

Columbaria for San Carlos Monterey Cemetery

Monterey, California dates its origins back to 1602 and the establishment of the Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo in 1770. Monterey’s early Spanish architecture is well-maintained and visible, making the city a unique historical site. The significance of San Carlos Cathedral cannot be overstated. It is the oldest continuously functioning church and the first stone building in the State of California. It is California’s first cathedral and represents the birth of Monterey, the first capital of California.

Rosary Garden Walk, Queen of Peace Cemetery

The Spokane River flows through the city of Spokane after flowing from Lake Coeur d' Alene through the picturesque Spokane Valley. Spokane is home to over 200,000 people and is a vibrant cultural center for the region. The Immaculate Heart Retreat Center and Queen of Peace Cemetery are located in the southern hills of Spokane and provide the local community with a location for retreat and contemplation of peace. Catholic Cemeteries of Spokane developed a unique vision for the Queen of Peace Cemetery drawing from the meditative and contemplative elements of the rosary. The cemetery is designed as a life-size “Rosary Garden Walk,” following the design and intention of the traditional rosary beads. The beads of the rosary are represented by niche units. Visitors can bring a rosary and stop on each bead of the path to say prayers.

Custom Columbaria in Downtown Houston

Trinity Lutheran Church has served the Houston community since 1879. The church, also known as Trinity Lutheran Downtown, includes a church, school, and cemetery. The cemetery is on 1.3 acres of land near the church in downtown Houston. When Faye Faszholz, a church member who serves on the Cemetery Committee and the church grounds Facilities Committee, visited a cemetery in Oklahoma that had a columbarium, she was inspired and began to research the idea of installing columbaria at Trinity.

Custom Built Columbarium In Edmonton, Canada

A close up view shows that the niches that form the cross are backless to showcase the marble wall. Deacon Paul and his community are very happy with their beautiful new columbarium. He is equally happy about their first experience working with KMI Columbaria. “They are small enough that they listened, but big enough that they performed.”

Royal Oak Burial Columbarium Testimonial

This square columbarium with 112 niches was installed at the Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC in 2005. Our technology has changed in a few ways since then but the important features and benefits remain. In the following video we demonstrate that our niches perform the way we say they will. Clean and dry as the day they were installed. A few important facts about our niches:

The KMI Columbaria Aluminum Security Door

We learn how the patented aluminum security door works and how this special technology has made KMI Columbaria the manufacturer of the most durable columbarium. Harry Steinwand, inventor of the highly successful aluminum security door talks about the technology behind this maintenance-free columbarium system and how this incredible technology allows for a safe, clean environment for loved one's ashes.

Community Response to the First Aluminum Columbaria

We discover how the community and other businesses responded to KMI Columbaria's new aluminum manufacturing system for columbarium.