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The Spokane River flows through the city of Spokane after flowing from Lake Coeur d’ Alene through the picturesque Spokane Valley. Spokane is home to over 200,000 people and is a vibrant cultural center for the region. The Immaculate Heart Retreat Center and Queen of Peace Cemetery are located in the southern hills of Spokane and provide the local community with a location for retreat and contemplation of peace.

Catholic Cemeteries of Spokane developed a unique vision for the Queen of Peace Cemetery drawing from the meditative and contemplative elements of the rosary. The cemetery is designed as a life-size “Rosary Garden Walk,” following the design and intention of the traditional rosary beads. The beads of the rosary are represented by niche units. Visitors can bring a rosary and stop on each bead of the path to say prayers.

At the center of the Rosary Garden Walk stands a life size statue of Our Lady of Fátima (also referred to as Our Lady of The Rosary). The combination of the surrounding hillside, gardens, niches, and crypts establishes an ideal environment for centering visitors’ thoughts on the message of peace.

Catholic Cemeteries of Spokane contacted KMI Columbaria to help design and build a truly unique combination of both family and community columbaria. KMI Columbaria designed three custom columbaria for the garden walk: A larger installation for “Apostles’ Creed,” smaller for “Our Father,” and the smallest family installation for “Hail Mary.” Each installation is constructed from dark granite and inscribed with beautiful references from the rosary.