This square columbarium with 112 niches was installed at the Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC in 2005. Our technology has changed in a few ways since then but the important features and benefits remain. In the following video we demonstrate that our niches perform the way we say they will. Clean and dry as the day they were installed.

A few important facts about our niches:

Our niche system provides a dry, clean insect proof niche. The interiors of our structures actually breathe through our moisture dissipation system. The internal airflow ensures that when the time comes for a second inurnment the initial urn has not deteriorated over time and the contents are as they were when initially placed.

All KMI niches are built with our patented aluminum inner security door that fits flush to the aluminum niche. This inner door fully supports the granite door to prevent breakage and unauthorized access. Our system does not require any adhesive products to seal the niches. Sealants are messy and only serve to promote rotting of the contents.