Who could choose to Install a Columbarium?

Why install a Columbarium or Cremation Garden?

Create a sense of Community

Having a Cremation Memorial Garden with Columbarium can create a final resting place for your community members. It will be close to allow for more frequent visits by family and friends. In addition these areas are beautifully landscaped and create quiet areas that can be used for meditation or contemplation.

Create Revenue

A Columbarium can become a revenue stream for your organization. The ROI (Return On Investment) can be very attractive. Our KMI Design team or local dealer can meet with you to look at feasibility and potential ROI using our feasibility study. Please call us or complete the contact information area and we will set up an appointment for you.

What are the Costs?

The range will vary – depending on the number of niches, the location and the complexity of the design. Our design team or local dealer will meet with you to look at different design options. As a general rule of thumb the first 25% of the niches sold should cover the costs of the Columbarium and the associated landscaping.

We have many creative ways to help you fund your purchase including financing options.

Where can I install a Columbarium or Cremation Memorial Garden?

There are many factors to consider before installing a Columbarium and/or creating a Cremation Memorial Garden. There are potential local bylaws, ground conditions, expansion planning, budgets, design limitation to name a few. Our KMI design team or local dealer will help walk you through this process.

A Columbarium can be installed in many more places that you might imagine.

Ashes in an urn are considered fully disposed and the rules and laws around placing them are much wider than traditional burials. After all many people do in fact keep them on their mantle at home.

There are many large, permanent organizations that would like to have a memorialization area near-by as opposed to a traditional cemetery. It allows for their community to have a local place to pay their respects and allows the departed person to be close to a place they loved or cared about.

Remembering Dad

Churches or Places of Worship

Of course a natural place to locate a Columbarium would be on a place of worship’s property. Many of these properties have been around for hundreds of years and will be for hundreds more. Many families that are part of the community would like to be interned close to their spiritual center and their families would like to be able to create a memorial to them that is close-by. This would allow them to visit on a regular basis without an inconvenient drive to a cemetery.

A Columbarium could not only become an important part of a congregation and community it would also provide a beautiful memorial garden to visit and reflect.

Universities and Educational Institutions

Many people who may or may not be religious would like to have their final resting place be their University or College alma mater. A tasteful and creative Cremation Memorial Garden can provide a peaceful final resting place for those that want to be close to a place that provided them a sense of pride during their life.

Municipalities, Cities and Towns

There is always pressure for municipalities to provide cost effective solutions to providing a permanent resting place for the local community members without tying up large parcels of land. Columbaria can be installed on existing property and designed to create sense of municipal and community pride.

Other Potential Locations for Columbaria

There are many organizations or specialty groups that would be a good location for a Columbarium that will be desirable by the members of those organizations.

The following list are just some of these organizations that have expressed interest in a Columbarium:

  1. Legions or Army and Navy Halls
  2. Private Golf Courses
  3. Private and or Exclusive Clubs
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