The KMI Columbarium Difference

Details matter when it comes to the quality and appearance of any product. 

In the case of columbarium some details that may go unnoticed by some are actually crucial to the quality, longevity and appearance of the columbarium. 

Since 1999 KMI Columbaria has pioneered and developed the aluminum niche columbarium structure using marine grade aluminum and quality granite exterior. 

Aluminum allows for a thinner wall of 1/8” between the niches which in comparison to other materials will yield more niches in a space. 

KMI niches have a patented security door behind the granite door for added privacy and tamper-proof security. 

A KMI Columbarium structure easily integrates into landscape architects or contractor designs.

At KMI, we design, manufacture, and install columbaria from coast-to-coast in the USA and Canada. Our focus is on creating a quality product and providing outstanding service, including collaborating with our clients and the professionals they employ to develop unique structural and visual designs that reflect the community's needs, history, and values.

KMI ease of operation

The KMI Columbarium Advantages

Virtually Maintenance Free

A KMI Columbarium is built from non-deteriorating materials – no concrete, concrete materials, plastics or corrosive material. Whatever the climate and weather our product minimizes maintenance costs.  KMI provides a 25-year guarantee however our columbaria will last for generations.

Niche Size

Our aluminum structure can provide up to 40% more interior space than columbaria that use granite or concrete as the interior walls of the niches. This allows our niches to accommodate larger urn sizes. Our standard niche size of 12” X 12” X 12” accommodates 2 urns and is the most cost effective configuration, however KMI offers customizable sizes to suit individual niches requirements.


As inventors of the all-aluminum niche system our security door is a patented tamper proof design to protect against unauthorized access to urns. Each niche has an individual aluminum security door, which backs the granite door to protect against breakage. It is held in place by an aluminum slot bracket and fastened with a tamper proof stainless steel security screw.

Ease of Use

Although the KMI columbarium doors are secure an authorized person with the right security tools and knowledge can access the units. That means that a niche can be opened any time of the year. Changing weather conditions are a fact of life, in all parts of North America. Funeral services don’t have to wait for spring. In addition each niche has its own unique granite face that can be easily removed and replaced.
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